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Data Asset Framework

Four steps to effective data management


Core documents



Training Materials

  • A half day workshop to train potential auditors was held Monday 1st December 2008. It was run by Sarah Jones, Cuna Ekmekcioglu and Partick McCann. Presentations are available: DAF overview slides and lessons on using DAF. A practical exercise using the online tool followed, as well as general discussion.

  • A Data Audit Framework exercise was provided at the DCC Curation 101 summer schools on 6th-10th October 2008 and 10th-12th March 2009. The slides provide an overview to DAF. The dataset and audit forms used for the practical appraisal exercise using the tool are available on request.

Poster & tool demos

  • DAF information and poster on DCC stand at JISC repositories programme meeting, 6th-7th May, Birmingham
  • Poster session and demo for the Data Audit Framework, 2nd-3rd December 2008, International Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh

  • Poster session and demo for the Data Audit Framework and DRAMBORA, 17th November 2008, Lifting the Lid Technology Showcase for SMEs, Edinburgh

Promotional materials

A leaflet, briefing paper and a poster have been created to promote the Framework. Hard copies can be provided on request.

The Data Audit Framework was officially launched on 1st October 2008 at the British Academy in London. For details of the event click here.

Data Asset Framework